there’s always crossfire.

                  we're the gladiators
for the hunter, the saviour; the leader, the protector. for the tired and weary; the damaged and broken. for the dead and gone, and resurrected again. for you, the gladiators.
01. lily’s theme - alexandre desplat. 02. lolita - the veronicas. 03. monster - paramore. 04. glory and gore - lorde. 05. the mighty fall - fall out boy. 06. in noctem - nicholas hooper. 07. bones - ms mr. 08. bad blood - bastille. 09. a little death - the neighbourhood. 10. only you - the pretty reckless. 11. just one yesterday - fall out boy ft. foxes. 12. losing grip - avril lavigne

ok every swan message me and tell me when you’re available for a chat and we’ll get this all sorted

random aesthetic generator


when is the swan net chat because i AM HERE AND READY FOR THIS

i am trash and gmt and fell asleep

swan neatchat tomorrow 11pm gmt

unless that doesn’t work in which case get out of the family


someone stop me from making a character who is like from a rich southern human family who is more or less a ripoff of harry potter purebloods who goes around all HOLIER THAN THOU because they are human and just really hates all creatures and ghosts and supernatural shiz because it is unnatural (and probably its all a sin to be those things too). cuz i dont need two characters who are impossible to get along with. 

hello have you even met the swan family?

(all the girls are taken but the mom’s open??? or cousins do the thing)



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